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Straight Cut Beledi Dresses  

Beledi Dress

Laura in a crushed velvet beledi dress
with low neckline, slits, matching rectangular
drapes (removable), banded dance bra
and sash with black fringe.

This lovely folkloric-style dress is wonderful when paired with a bra and belt set or with one of our Dance Bras and a Sash. Consider our many sleeve options! There are three neckline options: high (scoop neck), medium (like our U-Top... below bust) or low (waist level). (non-returnable)

The regular style is like our Straight Skirts with a slit on each side. The flared style is similar to our Trumpet Skirts but not quite as tight at the knees, so there is no need to measure long. The deluxe flared style style has a 7th very big gore in the back. If you would like a slit, please be advised that it will be on the side (where the seam is). This is due to the way the dress is put together.

- Select your fabric type/color
- Sleeve length (default = 3/4 sleeves) and sleeve options.
- Select neckline (high, medium or low)
- Select regular or flared
- If flared, choose classic or upgrade go deluxe or slit (or both!)
- If you choose to have a slit, choose the right or left side.



- (Flared) Add deluxe panel in back for 5.00
- (Flared) Add a slit for $5.00
- It's $10.00 for a chiffon piece you can put into the slit. If you'd like us to sew it in, it's $5.00 more.

- Plus size add $10.

Beledi Dress Style
Regular Stretch Fabric
Fancy Strech Fabric
Regular Style
Flared Style
Flared Style with Slit or Deluxe
Flared Style with Slit and Deluxe
Straight Halter Beledi Dress
Cabaret Cutout *new*

- We need 6 measurements for this dress: We need bust (fullest part), waist (smallest part), low hips (fullest part), length from armpit to the waist (smallest part), length (from armpit to floor, or where you'd like the hem to fall), and upper arm measurement.

For the best fit, please submit a full body picture with your order.

Please Note:
- Average lengths are between 48-51 inches.
- We need armpit to high hip measurements for the cabaret cutout.
- Cabaret cutouts start ~2" below the bra line in the back.
- Please provide any additional measurements/information that you think may give you a better fit! We're happy to discuss what may be needed!



beledi dress measurements

cabaret cutout measurements

- For Cabaret Cutouts, we also need the length from the armpit to the upper hip.




Beledi DressLeggings

Shoshanna in a Flared, high-neckline Beledi Dress.
Also... in a Straight style, low-neckline Beledi Dress with long rectangular drape sleeves.

halter beldi dress

Jenny in the Straight Halter Beledi Dress. Seen here with matching Elbow Gloves.

Cabaret cutout

We need one more measurement for this dress, the armpit to high hip. Cutouts start ~2" below the bra line in the back.



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